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Jeff just launched his book 21-Day Purity Jumpstart.
Check out the promo video above.



STEP 1 – Get the BOOK

Available on Amazon.com

Softcover (link) – $12.00
Kindle Version (link) – $8.00

In three week workbook you can build the foundation of a strong purity strategy.  The book is full of easy-to-understand instruction, and tons of action points.  You will learn how to build a good purity defense and offense, strengthen your support, structure, strategy and spiritual life.


STEP 2 – Download the VIDEO TEACHINGSVimeo-screenshot

Available through Vimeo
Video Teachings (link) – $39.00

Jeff has prepared (28) videos to assist you as you work through the book.  One video for each day, and several bonus videos.   Practical steps, questions to help you move from white knuckling to growth, get out and stay out of your relapse pattern, gain personal insight, learn what recovery really offers and is all about.
Videos are available to purchase or rent individually or as an entire set.

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Is it easier to have everything on one flash drive?  Jeff will mail you a flash drive with: All 28 videos (MP4) + PDF copy of the book. Make sure you put in your full address so I can get it to you, or email jeff@puritycoaching.com with special details.
International?  No problem.  Price includes flash drive & shipping anywhere in the world.


STEP 3 – Allow Jeff to COACH YOU and SUPPORT YOU

You will never reach your potential in your purity journey unless you have experienced help.  If you don’t have safe people to talk to about your struggles, accountability, and ongoing support… you need coaching.  Here are the coaching, accountability and support options we are offering with our 21-Day Purity Jumpstart.


The Best Start Possible  – $149   Add to Cart
Book + Videos + 60-minute Purity Consultation with Jeff
* A personal, comprehensive strategy building call with Jeff at the beginning of your journey.
* Jeff will help you identify strengths, weaknesses in your strategy.
* Jeff will make recommendations for short-term and long-term goals.
($160 value)



Support – Beginning, Middle and End – $229   Add to Cart
Everything in “The Best Start Possible” + (2) 30-minute calls with Jeff (mid-stream & at the end of your Jumpstart)
* You’ve got the beginning, middle, and end of your Jumpstart covered.
* Personal strategy, strength / weaknesses, short-term & long-term goals
* Fine tuning during your 21 days.  A taste of what private coaching looks like.
($250 value)


Beyond Jumpstart – 90 Days to Win the Race – $699  Add to Cart
OR (2) payments of $350  
Add to Cart
Everything in “Beginning, Middle and End” + Weekly scheduled 30-minute calls with Jeff for the next 9 weeks + Email/Text support during the week.
* Three months of comprehensive purity support.
* You know you want your purity strategy to stick.  You want change, you don’t want the cycle any more.  You’ve lost enough, it’s time for serious work and investment.
* Support for the beginning, middle & end of your Jumpstart, and beyond.
* Personal strategy, strength / weaknesses, short-term & long-term goals.
*Personal accountability in your journey.  

*Homework assignments tailored to you, designed to strengthen your weak areas.  
($780 value)

PurityCoaching.com provides support and training for sexual strugglers, spouses and leaders who wish to help them.

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ACOUNTABILITY Support – Personalized support to help you jumpstart your accountability process.

COACHING Support – One-on-one telephone or Skype coaching with Jeff.

ONLINE/PHONE Support Groups– Online and phone groups for male sexual strugglers and spouses.

Speaking / Conferences – Consider inviting Jeff and Marsha to speak at your church, men’s event, women’s event,  youth event or marriage conference.

Jeff Fisher