is a non-profit organization (501-c3) provides support and training for sexual strugglers, spouses and leaders who wish to help them.

This is the hub for all of our services, groups, training and digital downloads.





ONLINE/PHONE Support Groups– Online and phone groups for male sexual strugglers and spouses.

ACOUNTABILITY Support – Personalized support to help you jumpstart your accountability process.

COACHING Support – One-on-one telephone or Skype coaching with Jeff.


Speaking / Conferences – Consider inviting Jeff to speak at your church, men’s event or youth event.




Available on

Softcover (link) – $12.00
Kindle Version (link) – $8.00

In three week workbook you can build the foundation of a strong purity strategy.  The book is full of easy-to-understand instruction, and tons of action points.  You will learn how to build a good purity defense and offense, strengthen your support, structure, strategy and spiritual life.