PURITY 101 – Build Your Drill-Down Support Team

PURITY 101 – Build Your Drill-Down Support Team

All of these 101 tips come from chapters in my book 21-Day Purity Jumpstart.  It is the foundational book for our ministry.

Your support team needs to be filled with three types of people:

  1. General support
  1. Specialty support
  1. Drill-Down support


Your Drill-Down friends will be your deepest level of support. These people know most or all of your story. They accept you, support you and walk with you in your purity journey through thick and thin. They are your accountability partners. They are your friends. These are the people who are allowed to ask the hard questions and expect you to give an honest answer.

Day 12 of this book will help you more with accountability.

Let me give you a few tips on finding and developing your Drill-Down Support.

  1. Build your General Support and work your way upward – Your Drill-Down support will come from your current friends and your future friends. You will find that the people who you have the best chemistry with will be those who are supportive of you and will be willing to invest in your life. These are potential Drill-Down candidates.
  2. Invite them to a Drill-Down Relationship – Ask your friends to help you. Ask them if they would walk with you on a deeper level and touch base with you more frequently. Ask them if they would commit to meeting you each week to talk over a cup of coffee, a game of golf, or the featured ball game of the week. They can be a great asset to you.
  3. Share More of Your Story – Test the waters. Offer a little more of your story and see how it goes. Open up with your friend about your vulnerable points. That’s how trust is built.

Be patient as you are looking for Drill-Down Support. Give it some time. Ask God for His help. He wants you to find people with whom you can be transparent with, people you can run deeply with. Jesus invited Peter, James and John to share in the deeper levels of His life. Moses had Aaron and Joshua. Elijah had Elisha. Abraham had his son Isaac. Paul had Silas initially, and then added Timothy.

Action Step: Who’s on your Drill-Down team? Or who has the potential to be Drill-Down for you?

If you don’t have a Drill-Down person, that’s okay. Pause right now and ask God to bring someone like this in your life.