Purity 101 – The Most Important Step


You’re desire to be sexual purity is great!  It comes from the heart of God.  It shows your desire to live your life to a different standard than the world lives.

But purity is hard isn’t it?

Our Purity 101 series is a review of the basics.  Some of these tips and principles will be new.  Others will be ones you’ve heard over and over again.  It’s always valuable to review the basics to make sure you are still doing them.  But I would add, it’s important that you learn to MASTER the basics so they become a regular, seasoned part of your life.

All of these 101 tips come from chapters in my book 21-Day Purity Jumpstart.  It is the foundational book for our ministry.


This is the most important 101 step for a sexual struggler.  You need to be talking to others about your struggles.  Why?

  1. Sexual sin is much stronger than you.
  2. God’s Word calls you to community with others
  3. You are hard-wired for relationships by God’s design
  4. Sexual purity is a discipleship process

Don’t think for a second that you can do your sexual purity alone!  Your inward nature fights you.  Your mind fights you.  The culture fights you.  And the Devil, the chief enemy of God fights you.


  1. Find someone safe to share your struggles with today.  Do it.  Come out of isolation.
  2. Who do you have in your life right now that you consider a safe person?
  3. Who do you need to set up an appointment with (counselor, minister, small group leader…)?

Our ministry is here for you.  jeff@puritycoaching.com might be the starting block you need.