This is an assessment and much more.  A 60 minute meeting.  I send you some consultation sheets to fill out before we meet.  They revolve around the 4 S's:


After we meet, I will send you a summary sheet with purity strengths, things that need work, action points I think that can be accomplished in 3 months, and action points that will take longer.

60-minute consultation – $90 Add to Cart

If you’ve already met with Jeff for a consultation, here are the links for additional meetings.

Additional 30-minute meeting – $40   Add to Cart
Additional 60-minute meeting – $75   Add to Cart

Focus is building a solid STRUCTURE.
I will be your accountability partner for up to 6 months.  Meetings are 30 minutes a week, once a week.  We go 4 weeks at a time.  This includes email & text support during the week as needed.

I also become your Covenant Eyes accountability partner and will look at your Internet reports.  There is an option to add a spouse's meeting.

Homework:  light to medium.

Consultation + First (4) Weeks of Accountability – $200  Add to Cart

Continue -  (4) more weeks of accountability –  $150 Add to Cart

Add a Spouse's Meeting - $30 Add to Cart

Accountability 3d word background with terms such as answerable, ownership, commitment, duty, obligation, reliability and responsibility

Purity coaching from every angle.  The focus is on building a solid SUPPORT, STRUCTURE, STRATEGY & SPIRITUAL LIFE.

You can do 4 week blocks of sessions with Jeff.  Each meeting would be 60 minutes and tailored to your needs.  Everything in Accountability Jumpstart is included.  Email, text & phone support during the week as needed. Tons of action points and strategy building.

Homework:  medium to heavy.

Consultation + First (4) Weeks of Purity Coaching – $350 Add to Cart

(4) More Weeks of Coaching – $300 Add to Cart

Add 30-Minute Spouse’s Meeting – $30 Add to Cart

Need to start or restart your sexual purity journey?  Jeff Fisher will personally walk you through his book, 21-Day Purity Jumpstart through a combination of videos, audios and one-on-one coaching sessions.

Homework: light to medium.

The Best Start Possible  – $149   
Book + Videos + 60-minute Purity Consultation with Jeff  
Add to Cart

  • A personal, comprehensive strategy building call with Jeff at the beginning of your journey.
  • Jeff will help you identify strengths, weaknesses in your strategy.
  • Jeff will make recommendations for short-term and long-term goals.
  • A $160 value

Support – Beginning, Middle and End – $229    Add to Cart
Everything in “The Best Start Possible” + (2) 30-minute calls with Jeff (mid-stream & at the end of your Jumpstart)

  • You’ve got the beginning, middle, and end of your Jumpstart covered.
  • Personal strategy, strength / weaknesses, short-term & long-term goals
  • Fine tuning during your 21 days.  A taste of what private coaching looks like.
  • A $250 value

Beyond Jumpstart – 90 Days to Win the Race – $699    Add to Cart
OR (2) payments of $350  
Add to Cart

Everything in “Beginning, Middle and End” + Weekly scheduled 30-minute calls with Jeff for the next 9 weeks + Email/Text support during the week.

  • Three months of comprehensive purity support.
  • You know you want your purity strategy to stick.  You want change, you don’t want the cycle any more.  You’ve lost enough, it’s time for serious work and investment.
  • Support for the beginning, middle & end of your Jumpstart, and beyond.
  • Personal strategy, strength / weaknesses, short-term & long-term goals.
  • Personal accountability in your journey.
  • Homework assignments tailored to you, designed to strengthen your weak areas.
  • A $780 value
no man left 2

Focus is on step by step walking through crisis.  I walk with you on a daily basis for MAJOR purity support.

This is a very special option, usually for people whose lives have blown up and the consequences are heavy.  Some people are in crisis and need heavy support.  They don't have any one close to support them and help them slowly walk out of the mud.  I become a special pillar of support through your crisis.
If you need Jeff Fisher to mudwalk with you every day for a while until you navigate through your crisis email him at to discuss.